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I am a freelance web, mobile and bot developer living in Lagos, Nigeria.

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I am a friendly, approachable web developer. HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP are the tools of my trade. I am familiar with responsive design techniques, approaching all projects with a mobile-first view, ensuring that what I produce will look great regardless of the type of device it is being viewed on.

I love creating websites. This is all my motivation pushing me to improve my skills in multiple disciplines. User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, System Administration; I think these are just the titles for large companies. For me its the path for turning ideas into live applications.

I keep up-to-date on the latest developments within the Web Industry, taking new ways of working and the use of frameworks into my development repotoire. I specialise in website and mobile apps development, creating responsive web applications suited to every type of device.

I offer a complete web solution to my clients. I can guide you through the early stages of project planning and research, help you with information architecture and user experience, design your website, and finally build the site for you.


I have a network of developers and designers that I sometimes work with. If your web project is large enough, I can put together a team of expert developers and designers, to tackle the big stuff.

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Having worked with the web for a number of years, I am well versed in modern web standards and development techniques. With the multitude of devices available to consumers these days, it is important that web sites and web applications not only look great on the desktop, but also on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

I specialise in making websites/mobile apps not only deliver a great experience, but also ensure that they work on every type of device as if they were made to do so.


Intentionally working with one client at a time, you can expect full dedication to your project when we are working together. I am friendly, professional, and am always able to answer any queries within 24 hours.


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If you like what you see and fancy working with a friendly professional to craft a beautiful web experience, then please send me an email and I'll be in touch.